Various Tapes

by Alex Orion

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none of the songs in this album are absolutely gonna be on the album. they are songs that have a chance at getting onto the actual thing. these are just the songs i want to release for it


released March 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Alex Orion Richfield, Minnesota

A teenage rapper from Minnesota.

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Track Name: Counting Time
when i climb this fame ladder thats when everything it shatters
like nothing even mattered. you can hate me tho im flattered.
the beast is back and hes faster. hes become your master.
theyll call your death a disastour. whom i taking after.
fuck all of these bastards. ima make it on my own
fuck all of your laughter fuck all of your smiles
preachin like a pastor and church is in for a while. parties
like cinco de mayo. from minnesota up to ohio. flowin upstream kind of like the nile.
If im a ghost let me go up and smoke. Chillin with a swisher and im hanging with my bros. alchohol in my breatyh and weed smell in my nose. Don’t mind them girls yo they just my hoes

Countin time just countin time. Writin rhymes we writing rhymes. Gon get mine we gon get mine. Countin time we countin time

Guess whos back with a brand new rap. Switched up my style to put the name on the map. I put out a song and all the people laugh. Fuckin with the kids that been there since day uno. You don’t do those. Got yo girl pregnant like juno. Don’t mess with those fools hoe. It’s the name that youll know. 2015 on my way up like balloons hoe. But I cant give up cuz. Here I go again its my shot don’t want to miss it I don’t want to stop make one move and oh your caught take a second to remember what this brought. But that’s just how life goes. Through ups and downs it flows. Where it goes. No one knows. But put the earbuds on and listen to the flow

Straight out the trap. Straight out the gutter. Shakopee Minnesota and we keep getting tougher get you pumped up like an upper. Beasty in this bitch AND IM A MOTHERFUCKER